About Ducklings Montessori Nursery

A fulfilled child is
a happy child.

 Our purpose is to help each child take his or her first steps towards self-fulfilment.

We aim to generate security, trust and independence in the child, as well as encouraging them to be polite, considerate and kind, thus preparing them to fit into any situation and to move on to their next school with confidence.


Ducklings Montessori School is a very well equipped Nursery for children between the ages of 2 to 5 years and provides an excellent stepping stone between home and school.


It is our belief that each child should be allowed to develop naturally at his or her own pace with the opportunity for individual attention and we adopt an inclusive approach promoting equality of opportunity.

Children of this age have an absorbent mind for knowledge; they desire stimulation and this should be found in a full and exciting environment through which they can explore and learn.

Montessori recognises and celebrates the unique individuality of each child and the potential that they hold within themselves.

A practitioner should never be a taskmaster but a guide and helper.  Her role is to encourage positive attitudes, provide stimulus, and lay the foundations for a child to enjoy discovering and learning.

Throughout the morning sessions at Ducklings the children are involved in child initiated and adult led activities including art and craft, topic work, nature study, singing, music, creative play and they have access to a range of learning materials developed by Dr Maria Montessori.  Our aim is to develop the whole child and make their day fun.



Julia Jack set up Ducklings Montessori Nursery in September 2002 and she has loved working there for the past 14 years along with the dedicated team of staff who have all helped to give the setting such an excellent reputation.

In September 2016 she handed over the ownership and running of Ducklings to her two Deputy Managers, Marie Dilley and Nicola Joy Young who have both worked at the setting for many years.

Contact telephone numbers :-

Marie Dilley – 07561317394 / Nicola Joy Young – 07977469715