Parents & Children's Comments

We have asked parents why they chose Ducklings and here are some of their comments.

At Ducklings there is a level of expertise, experience and focus on the needs of children that I have not encountered at any other setting.  It is a wonderful place

Ducklings is a warm and welcoming place.

The Staff are friendly and helpful and they give lots of encouragement to the children.

The quality of care for the children by the staff is exceptional; a truly one off experience which I would recommend for every child before starting school.

The beautiful setting, friendly staff, warm atmosphere and happy children made Ducklings an obvious choice

The Staff are very passionate about their roles and love working with children.

The staff are kind, caring and supportive of each individual helping them to learn about themselves and provides a platform for each child to build confidence and express themselves freely.

Ducklings is in a lovely setting which is safe and secure.

and now for the children…

I like playing outside with my friends.

It is fun and I like singing.

I like Wednesdays because we do Ballet.

I love my teachers

I like Tuesdays because I can bring in my scooter.

I like going to the park.

I like playing in the home corner, listening to stories and playing with my friends.

I like Ducklings because we do lots of fun things.